Year Zero

Anyone else beside me that just can’t wait for this awesome album to be released? I’ve been following this AIR-thing (Art Is Resistance) for a while now, and it’s one of the coolest things on the web I’ve ever seen. If you don’t know it, check out what’s been found so far at the Echoing The Sound forums.

Basically, Nine Inch Nails in cooperation with a company called 42 Entertainment have created what is knows as an ARG (Alternate Reality Game). It’s a game in real life, being played by real people from all over the world, using the Internet as the collective meeting place. This game revolves around the USA 15 years into the future, our year 2022, their year 0000. The United States have turned into a totalitarian state where its citizens are being drugged through their drinking water, and books, music and culture has been banned for being immoral. Voting and democracy has been done away with. New Evangelicals have all but taken power over the entire country. Needless to say, it’s a rather bleak future Trent Reznor is painting through both this game and his new album.

Another cool thing is that several of the songs off the new record have already been leaked. What? This happens all the time, you say? Not like this. You see, it’s Trent himself leaking the songs through the ARG, by leaving USB memory sticks in bathroom stalls at concerts or dropping phone numbers to answering machines that, when called, play the songs together with creepy recordings of people from the future.

I’m completely wrapped up in this thing. It’s hands down the coolest PR stunt I have ever heard about. This is what makes me want to keep buying music, this is what makes it worth it. Record labels and media moguls can cram their “content” up their bloated asses, because I will never be the good little consumer they want me to be. Not with bands like Nine Inch Nails around.

They make it worth fighting this fight.

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