Using Feisty

Now I’ve had Kubuntu Feisty on my laptop for almost 24 hours, and I’d like to share my thoughts about it.

First off, finally a new version that doesn’t radically change or remove solid features one has gotten used to in the six months between releases! The only real changes are either improvements on previously added features or inclusions of software and hacks that most of the Kubuntu community has been using anyway. Network Manager is finally a standard feature, and the battery manager the Kubuntu team added in Edgy has been fitted with some new options, including an awesome looking new icon (with color!). Both Suspend and Hibernate still work flawlessly, right out-of-the-box, on my Thinkpad T43 and it even has the ability to switch over to hibernate while suspended if the battery drains to a critical level.

Overall, there aren’t that many new things to write about. KDE 3.5 is moving along at crawling speed while development on KDE 4 is ramping up. I got things configured just as I like them in less than 20 minutes, and most hacks/tricks that worked in Edgy still work in Feisty. One cool new thing, though, is that Beryl is available from the repositories and is now merely an apt-get install away. I’m also happy to say that it works perfectly, insanely irritating wobbly-windows and everything.

I know that this has been said so many times it’s completely lost its meaning… But this is the Ubuntu that could start a massive move from Windows to Open Source software. It’s really that good. I’m giving Kubuntu 7.04 — a.k.a. Feisty Fawn — two giant thumbs up.

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