…Someone give me an 80GB iPod! My old iAudio M3 is running out of disk space quick, with only 20GB to begin with. I really hate having to choose what to bring with me when I’m away from home. I love having every album at the tip of my finger, wherever I am.

By the way, do you like my Last.fm “quilt”? Corny, I know… But what the hell :)
Last.fm is a cool concept, and I’ve been finding tons of new bands and music by checking tags and associated artists. Although I would like to see a more refined, slightly more complicated algorithm for calculating an artists/albums popularity. Merely counting plays doesn’t really cut it, especially not when I have a bunch of Godspeed You! Black Emperor songs at ~20 minutes each, mixed with ~2 minute punk songs. Guess which Last.fm thinks I listen to the most?

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