Clint Mansell is a genius!

I’ve been completely consumed by the soundtrack for the movie The Fountain (by Darren Aranofsky) these past few days. I just can’t stop listening to it. It’s the most beautiful, emotional, epic and awe-inspiring piece of music I’ve ever heard, it just goes straight to your heart.

Clint Mansell has worked with The Kronos Quartet again, just like he did on the soundtrack for Requiem for a Dream, but also enlisted the help of post-rock band Mogwai. Together they’ve created what is, in my opinion, the best soundtrack I have ever heard. I’ve yet to actually see the movie, but this soundtrack is so fantastic on its own that I don’t think it even matters.

This soundtrack, this work of art… It really is a journey. Just sit back, relax and surrender yourself to the absolutely breathtaking experience that is The Fountain.

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