I wuv my ‘Bu

Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (7.04) has been sort-of released as of today. Officially, the release isn’t until tomorrow, but the reviews are already all over the web and the CD repositories have been overloaded all day. LunaPark6 writes an excellent review of the new Ubu’ and praises it’s ease of use and ability to support practically any type of hardware right out of the box.

Some of the major points of interest are:

  • Migration Assistant imports settings from both Ubuntu and Windows previous installs
  • Desktop Effects can be turned on at the check of a box, provided you’ve installed the appropriate drivers through the new…
  • Restricted Drivers Manager – Check driver, click OK, reboot and you’re running hardware accelerated graphics!
  • Numerous improvements to speed and stability make this the undeniably most impressive Ubuntu release yet.

If the site’s not still being hammered to bits by rabid Ubuntu users, you can download your favorite flavor of Fawn from Ubuntu.com.

Both Ubuntu and Kubuntu have updated their websites to promote the release of Feisty Fawn. Head over for more details and, hopefully, some more stable servers to download from.

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