Installing Feisty

I’m installing the new Kubuntu right now, as we speak. Behind this Konqueror window, the installation runs smoothly and quickly. It’s really cool being able to just boot up Kubuntu from a CD, enter my WPA passphrase to connect to my wireless network and just click a few buttons to start the installation, while at the same time being able to write a blog entry on a computer that does not have a working operating system installed at all.

That last part was a half lie — I have Windows XP installed on the first partition, but I can’t count it among any kind of working operating systems. It won’t accept my key as being legit, it took me two hours just to find the drivers for the wireless network adapter and there’s no way to install the ThinkVantage software so that I can get drivers for all the other hardware that Windows doesn’t support out-of-the-box since I can’t get onto Windows Update to download .NET 2.0 because Windows refuses to register my key… It’s easily enough to drive any person beyond insane.

Oh, right, first impressions. Sorry, my mind wanders.
As you can probably guess, just the installation of Kubuntu is infinitely more pleasant than a fully working, non-struggling Windows XP could ever dream to be. To be fair, though, Kubuntu has the advantage of not being over 5 years old. Everything on my Thinkpad T43 works without any kind of configuring. The battery is supported, and all I have to do to get my wireless working is select which access point I want to connect to — That’s it! The installation guide is clear and to-the-point, no hassle anywhere. I create a couple new partitions (The partition manager is new, and could use some tweaking, but over-all it works like it’s supposed to) and fill in some personal information. For some reason, the Migration Assistant didn’t show up at all, but that doesn’t matter, I don’t have anything to migrate from anyway. Click OK, and the system installs itself quietly.

A couple minutes and a chiming sound later, I get to choose between rebooting or continuing to use the live-CD environment. I guess I’ll have to save the rest for another entry, because I can’t wait to reboot into my brand spanking new Kubuntu Feisty Fawn operating system!

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