Scratch that

It seems this new EMI/Apple DRM-free thing we heard about yesterday was a little premature. It’s come to light that, among other things, the DRM-free songs will get a quality-raise to 256kbps (finally) but also a price-raise of 30 cents per song. Seriously. 128kbps hasn’t even been “decent” for years now, so higher quality really shouldn’t have to cost more. Actually, I’d only be really happy if songs came in either ~320kbps VBR or lossless formats like FLAC. Why should I pay close to the same price as a CD for songs in lower quality, and why should DRM-free be a privilege I should have to pay more for?

While this truly is a step in the right direction, I realize there’s quite a long way left to go. The Big Four need to realize that DRM doesn’t “enable” anything, it only disables. At least for customers, and those are the ones that matter. Right?

Anyway, Engadget has a fairly long article discussing this deal in full detail.

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